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Your Questions Answered


How do I know if hypnobirthing is right for me?

It's so important to find support that is aligned with your personal values and beliefs. Take a look through my 'what is hypnobirthing' and 'about me' pages to build a clearer picture of what hypnobirthing could mean for you, and whether I am the right fit to help you on your journey. I offer regular, free 'hypnobirthing taster' sessions online where you can find out more and ask any questions. Please follow me on Instagram @bodybabymama for dates and more hypnobirthing content. You can also get in touch any time for a chat, I'd love to hear from you!

What if I am having an elective Caesarean?

It's a common misconception that hypnobirthing is only for those that are aiming for a natural water birth. This is so far from the truth! Hypnobirthing helps you to understand how to work with your body and mind to prepare for your birth, no matter what that looks like. The tools and techniques you will learn are applicable however you choose to birth, and even if your birth takes a different journey to the one you had planned.

My partner is skeptical - do I need to involve them?

I hear this alot! I think the 'hypno' part of hypnobirthing leads to a lot of misconceptions. However, it is important for your birth partner to engage in the course with you so that they can best support you in the lead up to and during your birth in the ways that are right for you. Many partners completely change their views on hypnobirthing having been through the course, and become advocates for it themselves once they realise how powerful it can be.

Will I get one to one support?

The majority of courses that I run are conducted in group settings, either face to face or online. Outside of the classes, I am always available to you for any questions or reassurance via email or phone. If you'd like more dedicated personal support, you might like to consider my private courses where I will teach you and your birth partner on a one to one basis, leaving plenty of time for us to discuss your particular circumstance in privacy.

When is the best time in my pregnancy to start a hypnobirthing course?

I'd recommend starting a course around the 25 week mark. Courses run for 4 weeks and by starting around this time you will have the knowledge you have gained fresh in your mind however will also allow time for it to sink in and to practice the techniques in the lead up to your birth. As babies very rarely arrive on their due date, it's best to be prepared! If you are a little closer to your due date than this, I also offer shorter and bespoke courses to suit your stage of pregnancy. It's never too late to prepare for your birth, just get in touch and we can work something out that is right for you.

If I take your course, will I have a pain free birth?

Taking a hypnobirthing course does not mean that you will have the perfect, painless birth you have always dreamed of, and anyone that promises that to you is a fraud! What will help you to achieve your goal is how you embrace the course and the practice you do. Hypnobirthing empowers you with an understanding of how our body, mind and baby work together during birth, removing the fear surrounding what is going to happen next. It teaches techniques to work with and harness your body's natural instincts and processes to birth your baby, but you need to commit to understanding and practicing these techniques to be able to call on them on the day. A recent Cochrane review found evidence to suggest that hypnobirthing decreases the need for pharmacological pain relief (including use of epidural), reduces the need for interventions and increases the incidence of spontaneous vaginal birth.

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