About Me

I couldn't believe the difference hypnobirthing made not only to my birth, but to my pregnancy. When I was in my third trimester Covid hit, an anxious time for all. Thanks to my hypnobirthing practice, I remained calm, positive and ready for birth. And against the odds, in the height of a pandemic, 13 days overdue and birthing somewhere I didn't choose to, I experienced the most incredible water birth I could ever have dreamed of. I know that this experience would have been very different if I hadn't discovered hypnobirthing.


I went through a powerful transformation; from feeling scared, anxious and in denial about labour to feeling confident, calm and optimistic, even in unprecedented times. Since then, I have been fascinated with all things birth and went on to complete my hypnobirthing instructor training with The Little Birth Company. I am passionate about supporting other families to go on their own transformation, empowering parents-to-be to look forward to what truly is the most magical of moments!  

I live in Bishop's Stortford with Louie, my husband Tom and our cat Lola. When I'm not geeking out about all things birth, you can usually find me spending time outdoors with Louie or finding the best coffee shops in town (Coffee House is my fav!)